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Buddha Kitty Glass has a long and passionate relationship with all types of glass art. My love of glass goes back many years.


During a college trip to Europe, I became fascinated with the stained glass in the cathedrals. Upon returning home, I took my first class in glasswork and learned how to make stained glass windows. This served as a wonderful introduction to the world of glass art.


My Bio

Buddha Kitty Glass is the fused glass art of Steena Fullmer. Steena has a life-long passion and fascination with all types of glass. She was raised in a small town in the San Juan Islands in Washington State, where she collected beach glass as a child. A trip to Europe in college spurred a fascination with stained glass. After returning home, Steena took her first class in glass art at a stained glass workshop. This workshop began a long and diverse journey through the numerous glass art disciplines. As a resident of Seattle, Washington Steena was surrounded by glass art. The Seattle area is renowned for its glass art community. While living in Seattle, Steena studied with many of the phenomenal glass artists in the area. 


After a decade of working with glass in her free time, Steena decided to leave work for the government and pursue glass art full-time. In 2008, Steena launched Buddha Kitty Glass, named after her cat who would sit at her feet while she worked on her first stained glass window. Listen to a podcast about Buddha Kitty Glass here.

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